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Will there be a movie? Who do you want to be in it?
When I write, I’m not thinking about which actors best resemble my characters, and the story doesn’t play out like a movie in my head. That’s not to say I wouldn’t love a film adaptation! But, if there is ever a film adaptation of my book, I plan to be very hands-off about it. My top priority will always be my books, and writing the best story I can for my readers.

How do you feel about a film adaptation of Wither?

Can I be in the film version of your books?
I get a lot of emails about this, but it's something that's actually out of my hands entirely. Most authors have zero say in who will get cast in their movies, and I'm no exception. I'm not involved in the screenwriting, directing, filming, casting, etc. I'm just a girl who wrote a book. You might want to try seeking a casting director or a film agent, although, honestly, I have no idea how ANY of that stuff works. Trust me, this is a good thing; if I had my way, the entire movie would be just a bunch of kittens in ironic outfits.

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