Lauren would like to assure you that once you click send, a team of imaginary ninjas races through the internets to gather your message and deliver it personally to Lauren's computer screen. The ninjas are necessary in guarding your email from imaginary fire dragons. Once your email has safely arrived at its destination, it is read in the order in which it was received. Lauren assures you that your email will be read by herself, or Sarsaparilla, the praying mantis she trained to type and feel love. You may reach Lauren at lauren [at] laurendestefano [dot] com.

For blurb requests please contact her agent Barbara Poelle through and put DeStefano Blurb Request in the subject line.

If you are writing to inquire about bookplates, please list the number of bookplates you'd like as well as any personalizations you'd like, and your mailing address as it should appear on the envelope. Bookplates are free and you won't be required to pay postage. Bookplates are plain white and don't contain artwork.

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